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Activities & Extra Curriculum




To achieve a healthier lifestyle while coping with the pressures of studying, one needs to be healthy both emotionally and physically. As a part of this process, Gurukul emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them an integral part of the curriculum. Gurukul has a number of centers for physical education and sports activities that help the students maintain fitness and develop a competitive spirit. Its outdoor playgrounds (For Football, Basketball, Badminton  & Volley) and indoor courts (For Table Tennis & Carom) are spread over the institute.


Key Features:


Indoor Games With Three Activities Room for the toddler to class I students and volleyball ground, basketball ground, badminton ground, football ground, and cricket ground in a grassy surrounding area of 1.5 Acre.


Cycling and archery training is provided free of cost inside the student's play zone on a specious green field that is under pest control.


Two separate buildings for kitchen & dining.


In each month, an educational and motivational film or telefilm will be shown to the students in our assembly hall with a large screen.


Safety & Security


Fully furnished and well-equipped labs decorate every corner in the institute with over 16 CCTV with 128 TB RAM.


Key Features:


The campus is fully fenced with a seven feet height side wall with three main entrances and buildings are fully equipped with fire fighting accessories by NOC from the appropriate authorities. The total campus is covered with 16 CC cameras and each area is connected with EPABX. A separate team for sweeping and cleaning is available throughout the school time to take care of our loving kids.




We are growing every day. From our campus, our capacity & activities are increasing day by day. Started with a single building and a limited space now we have formed multiple buildings, vast infrastructure, a larger free area, a lake, more activity clubs, hostels, and ultimate safety and security. 




Gurukul Public School is one of the leading schools that firmly believes in providing its students exposure to all levels, from district to national and to international levels. We help our students with knowledge experts, through regular national and international conferences and/or symposia and arrange workshops on diverse areas hosted on campus. It is with this view that a wide choice of modern conference facilities has been meticulously planned and incorporated into the campus. 


Our Air-conditioned auditorium is able to accommodate 500 students and spread over an area of 2100 sq. feet, it has been equipped with WiFi service and a spectacular stage along with green rooms and a perfect amount of lighting. This auditorium is used for various events and conferences. It is located on the second floor with an attached bath and entry from each staircase.




The classrooms are well-designed rooms that incorporate everything needed for a pleasant learning atmosphere. The wide spacious smart classrooms contain a white/green board and also a projector that is used for teaching so a teacher can switch to different modes of teaching as and when required thus the teaching isn’t monotonous and the lectures are put across in the best way possible. This hi-tech equipment enables our faculty to conduct classes in a way that enables students to make use of every available resource from one point at the click of a button. These classrooms are proposed to be fully Air Conditioned.




We have a Psychological lab, Curriculum (Science) lab, Mathematics lab, Music lab, Geography lab, Language lab, and one special lab with Anatomy and uncommon Insects. All labs are decorated with innovative experts.




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