Section A: (10 x 1 = 10 marks)

Q. 1. Select the correct answer in each of the following:

a) The place value of 1 in 31256 is

i) 2

ii) 3

iii) 1

iv) None of the above

b) The smallest number of 2 digit is

i) 11

ii) 32

iii) 10

iv) 26

c) There are 25 balls present in 5 boxes. So, the number of balls present in each box would be

i) 4

ii) 5

iii) 2

iv) 10

d) The line joining the center of the circle to any point lying on the boundary of the circle is called

i) Diameter

ii) Circumference

iii) Radius

iv) Chord

e) How many hours are there in 3600 minutes?

i) 45 hrs

ii) 36 hrs

iii) 25 hrs

iv) 60 hrs

f) Write the prime number which is even

i) 2

ii) 3

iii) 4

iv) 5

g) The greatest number of 3 digit is

i) 111

ii) 222

iii) 999

iv) 777

h) How many 30’s makes a 900?

i) 30

ii) 31

iii) 32

iv) 29

i) 9 lakhs 50 thousand could be written as

i) 935, 000

ii) 950, 000

iii) 925, 000

iv) 955, 000

j) Write the measure of an angle which is its own complementary angle?

i) 50 degrees

ii) 45 degrees

iii) 40 degrees

iv) 25 degrees

Section B (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

i) Rani bought 2 litres of Sunflower oil packet. She used up 1lt 250 ml of oil. What amount of oil is left


ii) Draw a circle having radius of 5 cm.

iii) Find out the product of 15 and 25

iv) A rectangle has its length 2 m 50 cm and width 1 m 75 cm. Find out the perimeter of the rectangle

v) Arrange the numbers in ascending order: 98, 23 and 75

vi) A bouquet of flowers contains 24 red and yellow roses. A quarter of them are red. Find out the

number of red roses

vii) Simplify: 23 + 15 of 25 – 10

viii) A chocolate box can contain 10 chocolates in it. Find out the number of chocolate boxes needed to

pack 100 chocolates

ix) In the mail box there were 100 mails out of which 37 were read. How many unread mails are


x) What is the perimeter of a square who’s each side measures 12 cm?

Section C (4 x 10 = 40 marks)

i) The sum of two numbers is 440 and the smaller number is 145. What is the

product of the two numbers?

ii) Find the least number which when divided by 24 and 15, leave 5 as remainder

in each case.

iii) Urvashi buys 2 m 40 cm of silk cloth and 539 cm of cotton cloth. Find the total length of cloth she


iv) The side of a square field is 10m. if a farmer walks around its boundary once, find the total distance

he has to cover.

v) A shopkeeper left behind Rs 8,12,964 for his wife. Rs 1,74,364 for his first son and the rest of the

money for his second son. The second son’s share was Rs 4,286 more than the first son’s share. How

much money did the man leave behind?

vi) What is triangle and how many kinds of triangles? Define all terms?

vii) If a dozen muffins cost Rs. 24.60 then what will be the cost of 40 muffins?

viii) Read the number 732853 in hundreds, tens and ones.

ix) Draw an angle of 45 measures by using a protractor with statement?

x) What is quadrilateral and how many kinds of quadrilaterals?



Section I: Each question carries 1 mark (10 x 1= 10 marks)

Fill in the blanks with the right words and complete the sentences:

1. Amrita ___________ tired.

a) be

b) is

c) has

d) have

2. ” ___________ is she?” “She’s my friend from London”

a) Who

b) Why

c) Which

d) What

3. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday it ___________ Tuesday.

a) were

b) is

c) be

d) was

4. Its Thursday today. Tomorrow it ___________ Friday.

a) be

b) was

c) will be

d) will

5. ___________ lots of animals in the zoo.

a) There

b) There is

c) There are

d) There aren’t

6. How many people ___________ in your family?

a) are there

b) is there

c) there are

d) there

7. “Has Sara got a sister?” “No, he ___________, but he’s got 2 brothers.”

a) has

b) hasn’t

c) haven’t

d) not

8. Where ___________ Steve live?

a) are

b) is

c) do

d) does

9. ___________ to London on the train yesterday?

a) Did Christy went

b) Did Christy go

c) Christy go

d) Christy goes

10. Jack ___________ English, Spanish and a bit of French.

a) speaks

b) speak

c) speaking

d) is speaking

Section II: Each question carries 3 mark (10 x 3 = 30 marks)

1.Write the Opposites of the following:

a) fresh x ______________

b) defeated x ______________

c) end x ______________

d) shouted x ______________

e) seldom x ______________

f) victory x ______________

2.Write the Plurals of the following:

a) daisy = ______________

b) church = ______________

c) stomach = ______________

d) knife = ______________

e) chief = ______________

f) tomato = ______________

g) flamingo = ______________

h) cactus = ______________

i) millennium = ______________

3.Write the correct Gender of the following:

a) author = ______________

b) emperor = ______________

c) governor = ______________

d) heir = ______________

e) landlord = ______________

f) mayor = ______________

g) shepherd = ______________

h) steward = ______________

i) wizard = ______________

4. Choose the best describing word for each animal and fill in the blanks:

a) A __________ lamb ( cunning, wild, gentle)

b) A___________ fox ( wild, sly, tiny)

c) A ___________ rabbit (brave, faithful, cruel)

d) A ___________ elephant ( faithful, heavy, huge)

e) A ___________ mouse ( clever, tiny, sly)

f) A ___________ lion ( strong, cruel, mighty)

5.Making naming words by using ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below.

a) Public

b) Stupid

c) Forgive

d) Polite

e) Cruel

f) Moral

6.Which of the following would you expect a carpenter to use at work?

Bench, poker, plane, chisel, fork, spade, blotting paper, lawn-mower, telescope, pincers,

jaw, scissors, hammer, map, nails, lathe, pencil, anvil


7. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs

a) The train ____________________ (runs / runs) on the rail.

b) The earth ____________________ (moves / move) round the sun.

c) The tiger ____________________ (roars / roar) in the jungle.

d) Tom’s not here. He’s out ____________________ his mother. (visit /visiting)

e) The birds ____________________ (fly / flies) in the sky.

8. Add ‘er’ or ‘r’ to the doing words below to make new words.

a) Fight = ______________

b) Dance = ______________

c) Ride = ______________

d) Joke = ______________

e) Speak = ______________

f) Ride = ______________

9.Make sentences

a) smile ____________________________________________________________

b) chasing __________________________________________________________

c) politely __________________________________________________________

d) lovely ___________________________________________________________

e) delicious _________________________________________________________

10. Insert apostrophe (’) wherever it is needed.

a) Girls college

b) Childrens return gifts

c) Mr. Mehra car

d) The foxes tails

e) Daughters toy

Section III: Each question carries 6 mark (5 x 6 = 30 marks)

1. Rewrite the sentence by changing the gender of the underlined words.

a) She remained a spinster.

b) The new actress is my sister.

c) The milkman takes care of their cows.

d) Sir, what would you like to have?

e) The audience welcomed the hero with great enthusiasm.

f) My nephew sings very well.

g) He is the heir to the throne.

h) The lady has several drakes on her farm.

i) His son-in-law is a steward.

2. Complete the sentence by using possessive pronoun.

a) This book belongs to me. It is ______________________ . [mine / my]

b) The crayons belong to the children. They are ______________ . [theirs / yours]

c) This is Neeta’s essay. It is ____________________. [Hers / his]

d) You can choose any book. The choice is _________________ . [yours / mine]

e) She got the National Award for a painting of ___________________. ( her/ hers)

f) They got their meals. What about_________________? (ours, mine)

3. Circle the subject and underline the predicate

a) Our principal delivers very good speech.

b) We saw a pack of wolves

c) The sun was shining brightly.

d) The pretty girl was wearing a blue frock.

e) The little tree was covered with flowers instead of leaves.

f) The dogs were barking loudly.

4. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentence.

a) desk my are on books the


b) build nests trees in the birds


c) run trains the on rails


d) a had lamb little Mary


e) world the Taj one the wonders in Mahal is the of


5. State the kind of sentence as Declarative/ Imperative / Interrogative / Exclamatory.

a) Please give me a glass of water. _____________________

b) What are you doing there? _____________________

c) Elephant do not eat fish. _____________________

d) What a wonderful scene it is! _____________________

e) Please leave your footwear outside. _____________________

f) Where have you been all this while? ____________________

g) Never speak to me like that again. _____________________

h) The ball rolled slowly into the goal. ___________________

Section IV: Each question carries 10 mark (1 x 10 = 10 marks)

Write a paragraph on “My sister/ brother”

Write a paragraph on “ My favourite family vacation”


Section –I: Objective type question

11 X 1= 11M

1. Plants prepare their own food through the process of

a. Transpiration

b. Photosynthesis

c. Translocation

d. All of the above

2. Where aquatic animals do lives?

a. Water

b. Land

c. Tree

d. Sky

3. Mammals have mammary glands to produce________

a. Water

b. Milk

c. Blood

d. Saliva

4. John wears woollen clothes during winter. Where does Wool is obtained from

a. Sheep

b. Cotton plant

c. Silk worm

d. Coconut plant

5. Which of the following planet is close to the sun?

a. Earth

b. Mars

c. Mercury

d. Jupiter

6. Father asked his son to select easily digestible food. Which food should his son select from

the below given options?

1. Raw food

2. Staple food

3. Cooked food

4. Baked food

7. Put sugar in water and stir to dissolve it. Again put some more sugar and stir. Go on adding

and observe. What do you observe?

a. The more sugar we add, the faster the sugar dissolves.

b. After a limit the sugar will not get dissolve.

c. None of the above.

8. Goat gives us _______and _______

9. Teeth begin to appear when child is ________year old.

10. Think and answer.

The plants in the dessert have long roots to absorb water and minerals

a. True

b. False

Section –II: Match the following 4 x 1 =4 M

11. Match the following plants with their uses

1. Sunflower seeds ( ) a. Paper

2. Stem of Bamboos ( ) b. Oil

3. Teak and sal plants ( ) c. Clothing

4. Fibres from cotton plants ( ) d. Furniture

Section –III: Short answer type questions 10 X 2 = 20M

1. What is adaptation?

2. Define the term “transpiration”?

3. What is soil erosion?

4. Define the term pollination?

5. Define the term fertilization?

6. Why does our mouth smell? Give two reasons.

7. What is dyeing of clothes?

8. John mixes sugar and salt. What is formed? Name the Solute and solvent


9. What is ozone layer? How does it help in protecting humans.

10. What is global warming?

Section –III: Long answer type questions 10 X 3 = 30M

1. What are xerophytes? Give one example?

2. Write the difference between herbivore and carnivore. Provide one example for each of


3. Describe different methods of seed dispersal?

4. Plants have several applications. List out three applications of plants with examples?

5. Define the terms “sericulture and Pisiculture”?

6. What is the role of Vitamin K and Vitamin D in human body?

7. What is the difference between the natural and synthetic fibers? Give examples

8. What is the difference between afforestation and deforestation?

9. What is soil conservation?

10. List out the important characteristics of simple machines? Give two examples of simple