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Gurukul Public School

With implicit faith in the principles of dedication, diligence, and discipline, Gurukul Public School has been marching ahead step by step reaching to be the best CBSE School in Rampurhat


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WELCOME TO Gurukul Public School

The motto of our institution is to develop the physical and moral faculties of the child and impart the graded education.

Gurukul Public School, the institution has built up its own traditions and provides an ideal education in the twenty-first century. Providing the best education to students mainly from the locality and the suburbs, the vision of the founders has become a reality here. This collection of intelligent and energetic young people offers a unique educational environment that helps in the maximum and best development of your children.
The mission of Gurukul Public School is the education of young children for significant leadership and career in a competitive world. Making 'your ward an exemplary character, a token of excellence is the mission. It is achieved through extreme hard labor, sincere efforts, and devotion. For us, it is a sacred mission. This is what has gotten the name of our prestigious school among the top CBSE Schools.
  • Awakening the sleeping giant of possibility in your ward.
  • Instilling into your ward a curious mind about how to grow into an accomplished personality and an ideal citizen through good habits. Moral values, perseverance, discipline, and good character.
  • Providing such facilities that are conducive to the development of all the facilities of his moral, mental, physical, and emotional set-ups and providing the most modern devices in academic training.
  • Resurfacing his/her talents, abilities, and possibilities and modelling them in conformity with the demand at the times.
  • Preparing your ward for true entrepreneurship.


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We are growing every day. From our campus, our capacity & activities are increasing day by day. Started with a single building and a limited space now we have formed multiple buildings, vast infrastructure, a larger free area, a lake, more activity clubs, hostels, and ultimate safety, and security.




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Considering desire as primary motivation for the generation of narratives is a useful concept.



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